Juande0401 grande

I cut my uñs in the bankill

También conocido como Juanderl, Juandei Ramov.

Entrenó a Sevilla, Tottenham, Real Madrid y el CSKA de Moscú. Famoso por sus habilidades lingüísticas.

Su principal admirador es Jopasso.

Citas célebres Edit

  • Futbal is di sport of di jugadors, if de jugadors play gud, is de best.
  • I don’t admit questions. This is not a wheel press. This is the lecture of a cart.
  • It is not just. My trayectory is modelic. The 2-6? Bah! All I can say is we had bad luck because the 6 gols of the Barsa came in momentos clave, in the minutes 17, 20, 35, 58 ,75 and 83, and this are minutes very clave. I now use this numbers to do the Primitive.
  • With tears in my eyes and temblor hands I say goodbye. Me the Juanderl. Me the man who revolution the futbol.

Véase también Edit

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